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improving its business envi▓ronment such as the launch of new pilot free trade zones and the upcoming implement▓ation of foreign investment law and is proud of its strong production innovation capabilities in China.According t

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o the latest annual survey conducted by the U.S.-China Business Council, a group with 220 U.S. companies as its members, the v▓ast majority of U.S. companies report that▓ their China operations ar

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e profitable, and they remain committed to the Chinese market which h▓as priority over other markets due to its comparativ▓e significance as a driver of revenue ▓growth.Zhang Xinsheng, executive ch

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air▓man of Shell Companies in China, said the Chinese market still has a wealth of untapped potential and the ener▓gy company is benefiting from China's new round of opening-up measures, includi


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